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WaveSurfer 4000HD (200 MHz-1 GHz) 高解析度示波器


WaveSurfer 4000HD (200 MHz-1 GHz) 高解析度示波器

  • 12位元垂直解析
  • 全面性探棒支援–支援多達9種類別下的30多種探棒
  • 具有OneTouch用戶界面的MAUI,可實現直觀與高效的操作

HD4096 – 12 Bits All the Time, 16 x Closer to Perfect

Teledyne LeCroy high definition 12-bit oscilloscopes use unique HD4096 technology to provide superior and uncompromised measurement performance. HD4096 technology provides the highest resolution and lowest noise at full bandwidth—12 bits all the time with no compromise.


More Capability Than You Imagined

A suite of options for power, serial bus and embedded systems debug

  • Multi-instrument options
  • Serial trigger and decode software
  • Spectrum & power analysis software


Comprehensive Probe Support

Over 30 probes in 9 categories

  • Active power rail probes
  • Current probes
  • High-Voltage differential and fiber optic probes
  • TekProbe adapters


MAUI with OneTouch
  • Most unique touch screen features on any oscilloscope
  • Drag-and-drop to dramatically reduce setup time
  • All common operations can be performed with one touch